Top Australian Universities

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Here is a brief description of two of the top Australian universities:

The University of Melbourne is the most prestigious and highly rated university in Australia. With a top 40 world ranking, you will have to get high marks in secondary school to get in. If you do, however, you will get a top-rate education. Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne emphasizes research and engagement. It also has the benefit of being in the heart of Melbourne's highrises, giving students easy access to fine arts and experiential projects. In so doing, students obtain a valuable network of potential employers. This network has allowed the University of Melbourne to crack the top 10 in the world in graduate employability. For those looking for a fast-paced, invigorating experience, the University of Melbourne may be the perfect university option.

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Australian National University is another Australian university with a top 50 world ranking. ANU, as it is commonly called, is located in Canberra and has seven colleges ranging in disciplines from business to arts to medicine. With over 18,000 students and nearly 4,000 staff, ANU has something for everyone. Another benefit to ANU is its elite partner colleges around the world. Many ANU students prefer to do part of their studies at the University of Cambridge, University of Copenhagen, University of Tokyo, Yale University, National University of Singapore, or other amazing partner schools. ANU is also known for its beautiful campus that sits on 358 acres of lush, dense land. With unique education opportunities in a picturesque setting, ANU is a great university option.

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